by Silvia Fossati with an interview to Daniele Cantoni


Article from Esthetitaly N. 03


This is how they are born, as Daniele Cantoni – spa designer and co-owner of Technodesign tells – the best equipment for wellness centers and spas: for passion and fun.

Technodesign is a company specializing in the production of equipment for wellness centers and spas. Was born five years ago, it still operates with the care for details typical of craft companies. What is of particular Technodesign towards other companies in the sector that sell spa equipment we offer only special projects: when we have an original and innovative idea, we only realize that and that’s just what we do: to sell is not our only goal, we only do what we really like and we are passionate about it. Cloud and then more than three years have passed before presenting the bed Zero1: a company that lives producing only two equipments … this is the uniqueness of Technodesign! “.
A small reality, therefore, but certainly far-reaching: Nuvola and Zero1 are in fact successfully adopted in the most prestigious spas in the world, the United States and Japan in the lead.

Nuvola is an innovative floating method aimed at the complete and regenerating relaxation of body and mind, a special lighting system immersed in water creates a sequence of colors (also perceivable with closed eyes) designed to achieve a deep relaxation. The versatility of Nuvola allows different uses, but the real peculiarity remains the sensation of absence of gravity and the sweet abandonment in its warm waters. “You have to really try it! It is enough to immerse yourself, even dressed and for a few seconds, to immediately feel strong and unique sensations”, says Cantoni. “Nuvola’s new communication was born from what everyone tells us every time they use it, which is one of the few equipment that manages to make customers and owners dream: for half an hour of relaxation equals eight hours of sleep, the owners because this happens without personnel and without costs “.

Although Nuvola is not a couch, many beauticians used it for massages and impressive treatments. And it was precisely starting “from the places of the action” that the Zero1 project was born, a dream table able to satisfy the most recurring dream of the clients: to receive a relaxing massage on the shore of a tropical sea, lapped by a wave warm and delicate … “A feature of Technodesign is to have a spa where you can test all product prototypes and modify them based on feedback received from our operators, external operators, spa managers and customers before putting into production Zero1 ( 5 versions have been made before the final one!) We have conducted a market research which showed that the greatest difficulty encountered with normal water beds lies in the fact that the person in treatment moved, swayed or tilted in the water, preventing a proper massage setting “explains Cantoni.

Zero1 stands out from all the waterbeds on the market because the person is firm and anchored to the padded bed, allowing optimal grip between the operator’s hands and the client’s body.We have invented a particular type of effect the surf of the sea: every 30 seconds creates a flow of water that laps the body starting from the feet and going up to the neck and then returning slowly back, like a light wave but … how much strength does it have in relaxing a person! “.

With Zero1, the customer is also offered the possibility to choose the preferred water temperature during the treatment, which makes it possible to carry out massages with fresh water in summer or to increase the temperature in winter. Not only that: you can also change the color therapy by customizing it according to the purpose of each treatment, or set up a system that automatically and with a predefined timing changes all the colors during the same session.

Zero1 “For both shape and size, Zero1 supports any type of treatment, replacing the normal massage table”, adds Cantoni. So much so that recently we have also studied a system through which the beautician has the possibility (in less than a second!) To roll out a non-woven fabric that lets the colors of chromotherapy pass through and that makes the worktop both always clean for every customer. “In terms of design we recognize the same lines that have distinguished Nuvola: pure and essential. The materials used are fine: stainless steel for the upright and dashboard, oak and wengè structure. padded surface (PCT patent for dry watering) and for the variable coloring system. Last but not least, no predisposition is required: a normal 220 volt socket is sufficient!

Essentiality, “purism” in shapes and materials, study of lighting, as well as maximum attention in facilitating cleaning and maintenance, are characteristics typical of Daniele Cantoni’s projects. It is no coincidence that the company has conquered a market space as a reality specialized in extra-luxury furnishings.
“In Milan, Habits Culti was one of the first day-spa in marble and minimalist style, with the tanks and the inverted truncated pyramid hammam floor, which are a bit like our trademarks. and therefore with a certain type of characteristics and for a certain type of clientele: it is provided with a series of equipment that allow to make a path in pairs for managers who can deal with business without having to resort to the usual offices or restaurants “.

In all the spas and wellness areas designed, multi-sensory communication plays a decisive role, the environments are emotionally involving. For the Spa Cafè di Capri, considered one of the most fashionable clubs in Italy, a distinctive concept was the idea of creating a unique place in the world where from 8 in the morning to 4 in the evening, at the same time the wellness and restaurant coexisted , music and entertainment. “It was a winning idea but only achievable in the context of Capri” – says Cantoni “where there is an aperitif culture, social life, a wealthy and international clientele … Every spa must be like a tailor’s dress! “.

In the heart of the most classic Tuscany, in the tranquility of unique landscapes and among the thousand opportunities offered by the most enchanting cities of art in the world, surrounded by centuries-old olive trees with the towers of San Gimignano in the background, Irispa has arisen: “For this project there was also a great work of study and research on the typical products of these lands: we were informed by the saffron traders (which was the gold of the Middle Ages) and we studied cosmetics based on saffron oil, to propose spa treatments that smell of history We have created routes that allow customers, even from the wetland and the pool, to see the hills and olive trees … “.

Talking is one of the major problems of design, a term that “comes from English and, unlike what is commonly thought, does not mean design but design” underlines Cantoni. “Over the years this term has spread to a completely different value, so” everything “has become design: fashion design or food design, for example, giving a definition is not easy, but personally I think design also means capturing the image with new ideas, based on functionality and identity “.

Both for the complexity of the contents and for the less familiarity that the public has with the topic, the design of exclusive spaces plays an important game on this point: the story of self becomes essential to understand the real added value of their own proposals. “High quality materials and formal solutions, attention to detail, research and innovation are the distinctive elements, otherwise design risks being perceived only as a fashion or trend phenomenon, and its cost differential risks appearing as vanity” explains Cantoni. And it launches a new challenge … a 1,000 square meter spa in the historic center of Monza: Toi-Même.

Centro spa con doccia in mosaico

Who is the spa manager? What role does it have and what does it do?

The figure of the spa manager can be used as an example to the manager of a hotel: he is the one who has to manage every situation. Must follow a training that provides the necessary organizational skills and develops the skills of a group leader, at the same time must also have a good knowledge and experience of all that is the spa world.
To date, the spa manager is a difficult figure to find on the market, unfortunately there are no facilities able to guarantee a complete and high level training. When they ask me what skills a spa manager must have, I always say that he has empathy towards people, that he can speak, that he can look into his eyes.
It does not matter what its background is … better a baker who can communicate rather than a doctor who can not be communicative.

What is the difference between a beautician’s activity in a spa and an aesthetic center?

The work itself is the same: knowledge of treatments and products, technical competence and dexterity … What changes then?
The synergy that the beautician must know how to establish with the “outline”. In a spa the beautician must know how to create synergies with the restaurant, the gym, the various internal paths within the structure … there is no “my center”. There is no way that a beautician does not know and does not know perfectly what a hammam is and its effects, for example. The work in the cabin must be in synergy with what, before or after the cabin, will live the customer.
A lack of professionalism in this sense can also compromise the other areas of the spa, as if to say: after having created an incredible “bodywork”, we have to put a “motor” at the height!
Even the most beautiful spa in the world without suitable staff does not work.

So, how to recruit staff and how to evaluate their professionalism?

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